2 October 2014

Leavers from September!

To a great group of missionaries, we bid thee farewell. Hope you're having fun in the land of endless P-days!

20 September 2014

New Goldens!

Another transfer is here! Here's a look at our new missionaries that came in last week.

Elder Carson
Elder Cocker 
Sister Parker
Elder Kress

Sister Pitts
Elder Webber
Elder Thurgood
Elder Butler
Elder White
Sister Schuring
Sister Megli
Sister Hyatt
Elder Hall
Sister Funk
Elder Sollis
Sister Knutson
Sister Bates
Elder Olsen
Sister Ferris
Sister Shurts
Elder Diederich
Sister Roundy
Elder Nebergall
Elder Bezzant
Sister Brown
Sister Aldred
Elder Henkel
Elder Robinett

"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work."
Doctrine and Covenants 4:3

Have an awesome mission!

17 September 2014

Elder Ballard's Visit to the Mission!

On September 12, the entire Frankfurt mission (288 missionaries, including senior couples) came together for a special meeting with Elder M. Russell Ballard!

Elder Ballard leads the missionaries in a round of "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes."

Elders Christenson and Checketts!

8 August 2014

Biggest Leavers' group in history!

(recorded history, that is.)  Thirty missionaries finished their missions last Friday and went home.  We will miss them!

New Goldens!

Last week we had twenty-one new missionaries show up at the Frankfurt Flughafen! (that's the airport.)  Here they are, with their trainers and areas.

Elder Summerhays and Elder Miller in Gelsenkirchen
Elder Peiffer and Elder Nelson in Feucht

Elder Mayne and Elder Shelley in Werdau

Elder Roberts and Elder Boam in Ansbach

Elder Wright and Elder Taylor in Gera

Elder Lehmitz and Elder Rock in Münster

Elder Tinker and Elder Seamons in Euskirchen

Sister Hall and Sister Young in Düsseldorf

Elder Ninow and Elder Kalt in Mönchengladbach

Sister Sherwood and Sister Lehman in Mannheim

Elder Fitzgerald and Elder Stout in Mannheim

Elder Asay and Elder James in Darmstadt

Elder Nielsen and Elder Heil in Darmstadt

Sister Williams and Sister McMurray in Herne

Sister Wahlquist and Sister Madsen in Nürnberg

Elder Jack and Elder Harrison in Aachen

Sister Teeples and Sister Heywood in Münster

Elder Wells and Elder Taylor in Saarbrücken

Elder Clement and Elder James in Solingen

Elder Andrus and Elder Penrod in Usingen

Elder Weidmann and Elder Arnesen in Offenbach